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“System design drawings, user manual, video tutorial, routine checklist & our Breakthrough Siphon Design included…”

Important Note: Grow 10x more of this amazingly tasty and healthy Organic Produce in the same space. Use 90% less water and safe 70% on electricity with this Life Changing system.

Dear Fellow Gardener,

How would you like to know the secret that would allow you to grow organic plants twice as fast, save up to 90% of water usage?

And you don’t need to water your plants…ever?

You don’t even need soil, no weeding required…there will be no soil-borne pests and no diseases to worry about.

Isn’t that just awesome!

NO weeding required
no fertilizer needed

While everyone else is busy working their sweat out, planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing and more weeding…

You will be gardening from the comfort of your “growbed”.

That simply means you do gardening standing up, not the back breaking way.

No more squatting to work on your garden.

grow 10x more plants

What’s amazing is, you can grow 10 times more plants…for the same area you would need in conventional gardening.

This simply means you can grow much more with lesser space.

Listen, if you are in the look out for an easier, faster and a more effective way to organic gardening.

Then spare the next 5 minutes to read on.

This could just change your life forever…

so what is Aquaponics?
the Aquaponics Cycle

In a nutshell, Aquaponics is a revolutionary process which combines aquaculture and hydroponics to grow fish and plants together in one integrated system

…minus their negative effects.

In this system, the fish waste is converted into Nitrate (natural fertilizer), by means of the microbes that exists naturally in the system.

Plants just thrive on nitrate and that’s one of the main reasons why plants grow faster and bigger in the aquaponics environment.

Fish also grow happily and healthily here with a continuous circulation of clean and fresh water in the system.

The plants and microbes have that covered, and the best thing is this is all happening naturally.

Have you ever wondered why fish in lakes don’t need filters like fish in aquariums do?

It’s because its wastes or excrement is consumed by the bacteria in the water and that’s what a properly set-up aquaponics system will do for you.

There’s also no chemicals used whatsoever. That’s what makes this system so awesome!

it's a revolutionary breakthrough...
aquaponics history from Egypt to china

The practice of growing plants along with fish actually dates back to ancient Egypt and in the mountains of China.

Folks in the University of the Virgin Islands have re-discovered and experimented with Aquaponics and have got encouraging results.

The process is simply revolutionary…

Plants grow 100% to 50% faster, and you can grow up to 10 times the plants given the same space in conventional planting.

This is how it works!

Basically, it turns normal gardening on organic turbo-boost as it feeds rich natural nutrients to your plants 24/7…

ALL Year Long.

Folks have started catching on to Aquaponics in recent years, and had converted gardens and entire commercial farms to the system.

This makes perfect sense given the…

amazing benefits of aquaponics

Now, this is what you will experience:

Plants Grow Significantly Faster, Bigger and Healthier – the fish and the bacteria produce all the natural nutrient the plants need”

There Is No Need To Add Fertilizers As The System Feeds Itself – that does not only safes you money but also time and labor in growing your organic garden”

Saves Up To 90% Of Water Usage Compared To Traditional Methods of Soil Grown Plants – You don’t need to water the plants. It’s automated”

No Need To Dispose of Fish Waste or Provide An Artificial Filtration System – This is all being taken care of by the mini eco-system. That is what aquaponics systems are really”

Safe On Space – Less land area is required to grow the same quantity of crops in comparison to traditional soil methods”

Easy To Set Up – it’s much easier to setup for year round use compared to traditional gardening methods”

The Greens Taste Just Absolutely Amazing – you get delicious, healthy, absolutely chemical free USDA approved organic food”

No Weeding or Hurting Your Back And Knees…Gardening – the growbeds (where the plants grow) height are normally set at, or just above waist level, that’s why you do not need to bend down to harvest your produce”

No Soil Grown Pests To Worry About – no damage from soil grown pests and diseases, because soil is not used in Aquaponics”

Hi, my name is Steven Fu, some of my friends call me “The Aquaponics Guy” and as an Engineer by trade, and combined with a passion for aquaponics…

I am constantly on the look-out and experimenting with better ways to build and grow with aquaponics systems. In fact…

I've spent countless hours & dollars testing...

Improving on aquaponics systems. When I first discovered Aquaponics, the engineer and perfectionist inside of me drove me to purchase and study every aquaponics book I could spend my hard earned money on.

I meticulously studied every design strategy, took part religiously in forum discussions, and listened to every aquaponics “expert” who offered advice.

But I was not happy with the results that I got and experimented with various aquaponics systems to fulfill my hunger for knowledge…

I have even tried and tested numerous siphon designs but they are either unreliable, or just “not user friendly” to build.

My background in the Aviation industry and a Boiler Engineer paid off. Working with the “Bernoulli Principle”; the relationship between velocity and pressure exerted in a moving fluid, I came out with my new and improved siphon design.

then one day a light bulb moment

Came to me…a wake-up call! You see, when I was studying for my MBA there was one VERY important thing I learned and that was…

“There’s no “one system fits all” when it comes to management…”

The same is true when it comes to building an aquaponics system…and everything else in life for that matter.

I have since successfully built and operated numerous aquaponics systems…

…and am please to share with you today, NOT one but…

3 completely Unique, Efficient and Effective Aquaponics Systems using my new Breakthrough Siphon Design

It took me many hours, money and a lot of sweat to compile all the information, recording, testing and R&D to come out with…

So that you can successfully build your very own aquaponics setups without going through the learning curve and costly mistakes I have made, by simply…

>> “Following the step-by-step instructions in my detailed training manual & aquaponics plans…

>> “Watching “How to” videos that walk you through the entire set up so you can simply ‘copy’ what I do”

With my DIY Aquaponics 4 You system, you will be growing your own organic food faster than you think possible!

The fact is, when you undertake building your first Aquaponics system, what you need is a resource that has been tested and proven to work.

This is what you’ll learn

How To Build & Operate 3 different Aquaponics Systems – Continuous flood system with Media Filled Baskets, Media-filled bed with timed flood & drain system and Media-filled bed with flood & drain system with our new Siphon design”

How To Design Your Own Aquaponics Systems – You will know how determined the pump size, water, fish & tank ratios and the volume you need…and everything that you need to know!”

The Secret To Our Proven Siphon Design – We’ll teach you how to make this simple and yet reliable design that I have spent hours of research and development on”

How To Grow Delicious & Healthy Organic Plants – Your neighbours can’t get their hand of off”

How To Grow Healthy & Yummy Fish – That your friend will come back for more”

The Right Fish & Vegetables to Grow – Getting the right fish and vegetables are crucial to the success of your aquaponics system”

Step by Step Instructions – The photo & drawing filled manual guide and video give you a step-by-step easy to follow tutorial that even if you have zero experience in building and gardening, will find it easy to do. Anyone can do our can succeed with our aquaponics systems!”

Routine & Materials Checklist – To ensure everything is running in the right order and to help you pick up all the stuff you need for everyone of the system the you choose to build”


Easily build your first Aquaponics System In half a day or less…

YES! With my DIY Aquaponics 4 You system, you will be growing your own organic food faster than you think possible!

You Bet!

DIY Aquaponics 4 You was created with you in mind. If you understand English, you can do it! It doesn’t matter if…

>> You’re a newbie to aquaponics..

>> An experienced green-thumb…

>> You have no experience in growing plants or fish…

>> You’re not a builder…

>> You’re already an “Aquaponian”…you’ll appreciate our Siphon & simplicity of our designs and practical approach to aquaponics.

Just follow the step-by-step photo filled manual and video tutorials

…and before you know it, you would have completed building your own aquaponics systems.

You can buy most of the tools and materials you need from your local hardware store.

I have even prepared material lists where you can purchase online if you want…

And a routine checklist that you can print right out and take with you so that you don’t miss out anything.

This to help you grow delicious and healthy organic vegetables and fish.

Our step-by-step Video Tutorials & Manual Guide will walk you through it all

do it yourself aquaponics

I will walk you through the construction of all the three systems both on video and in the manual.

You can always refer to the manual if you’ve missed out anything on the video and vice-versa.

Nothing is left out, making this your most complete aquaponics guide.

You have to succeed! I made sure of that…

but you have got to hurry!

The full video tutorials are currently included as a free bonus, but I am thinking of selling them as an optional add on for $100+

But if you buy NOW…you get them for free.

You see… If you were to go through all the research and development, read all the books I’ve read…

and studied all the programs I’ve paid for and studied…you could easily invest over tens of thousands of dollars.

That is why the crucial tips, recommendations and techniques that I have carefully laid out in DIY Aquaponics 4 You…

Would be a huge bargain at a price of $297 or even $397…just a fraction of the costs I’ve incurred.

I’m offering you a concrete foundation in building, operating and designing your own aquaponics systems,

…that will help to accelerate your learning curve as a successful “aquaponian” for an astonishingly low of…

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But that’s not all, you will also get…

Now, I know that the value you are getting from my “DIY Aquaponics 4 You System” is already awesome…

And that I could easily offer it on its own and get tons of response, but because I want you to get the best value possible,

I am going to offer a generous package of bonuses that will not only triple its value but also complement the package as a whole.

Bonus 1 : Build Your Own Green House – $69 value

build a green house guide

If you decide to build your own Greenhouse for your aquaponics set-up, this is a great guide to help you get started.

You will learn:

  • The different types of greenhouses.
  • How to choose the right one for you.
  • How to properly build one.

Bonus 2 : The Ultimate Fish Recipes – $37 value

best fish recipes

What better way to enjoy your home grown fish the to cook them from home.

You will learn:

  • Some of the best fish cuisines…Eastern style!
  • The Same recipes used by celebrity chefs.
  • And many more…

Bonus 3 : A Collection Of The Best Salad Recipes – $29 value

best salad recipes

If you decide to build your own Greenhouse for your aquaponics set-up, this is a great guide to help you get started.

You will find hundreds of salad recipes here!

Well, I’m not a good cook myself, but my wife is always willing to prepare a salad or two.

It’s easy and simple to prepare…mix this with your aquaponics greens, it’s even more delicious.

Bonus 4 : Fish Breeding Secrets – $29 value

If you are into fish breeding your own aquaponics fish, this guide comes in really handy.

You will learn:

  • What encourages fish to spawn?
  • What are the breeding requirements?
  • How to raise fry?

Bonus 5 : Aquaponics System How-To Premium Newsletters Subscription for A Year – $137 value

aquaponics premium newsletter

Now I will continue to do research and development on Aquaponics. It is my passion…

Whenever I’ve come out with new discoveries and findings.

YOU will be the first to know all about them through this Premium Newsletters.

And you have one full year of free subscription to them.

Bonus 6 : Lifetime Support – $ Priceless

best support

To me this is the most valuable of all the bonuses.

You have my utmost attention and feedback on all the aquaponics questions you may have.

Just send me an email and I will get back to you with an answer within 48 hours.

The total value you’re getting from the bonuses alone comes to at least $301, but when you buy today,

…you are only paying $39 for the whole package…that’s a steal!

That’s just $1.30 a day for 30 days, for all the aquaponics systems information you need to be an expert,

…which saves you a fortune in all the organic greens and fish that you and your family will reap for a long…long time

organic food guarantee
seal the deal now

“The next time you visit this site, you may not get the crazy deal I’m offering you now”

organic food with aquaponics, step by step guide
order diy aquaponics 4 you now

This is a digital product, so you will get instant access…even if it’s 2 in the morning and start learning instantly if you choose to.

You will be immediately directed to the download page and receive instructions for downloading the package in your email inbox right after you have made the payment through the secure payment.

I’ll see you inside. If you have any questions that need clarifying about our aquaponics package please do not hesitate to contact me through my contact page.

To a healthier world,

Steven Fu – The Aquaponics Guy
Founder of

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